About us

Akita sushi and hibachi restaurant  serves authentic   Japanese food,  especially sushi  and hibachi. Japanese style beverages and beers are served during the dinner. Here in our restaurant, not only you test authentic Japanese food, including the variety of beef, chicken and sea food selection, you will have variety of sushi and sashimi selctions. This is the best place for celebrating birthday party, different kind of catering and company parties. We serve wine, Japanese soki and beers for your selection.

All you can eat dinner is $25.99 only!

Driving direction

Lunch $15.99 (Mon – Fri)

Open Hours

Lunch $19.99 (Sat and Sun)

Appetizers and Soup Salad

Appetizers, soup and salad, ala carte


Hibachi menu, hibachi combination, special dinner, additional order, kids menu and dessert

Maki and Hand Roll

Maki and Hand roll

Teriyaki and teppaniyaki

Party tray, teriyaki, teppaniyaki, don, sushi combo, and udon

Lunch -appetizers

appetizers, sushi and amki roll

Hand roll, tempura

Hand roll, tempura, deep fried tempura, teriyaki


Teppaniyaki,  udon, rice, dessert

Dinner appetizers

Dinner menu appetizers and maki roll

Sashimi and sushi

Sashimi , sushi, temaki, and tempura

Teriyaki, teppaniyaki

Teriyaki, teppaniyaki , udon  and dessert …